I iPhone x was ok. What exactly x stands for. Gen x?

Now Nokia decided to launch Nokia X on May 16 in China. Year is 2018

HDFC bank earned massive profit of 3961 crore in the 4th quarter. That’s only profit my friends.

Yea you heard that right. Only 40 lakh bitcoins are left to be mined. So 40 X 9302 dollar comes out to be 372, 080 lakh US dollar. Omg that’s so much money. So ready for some mining.

It’s been a while that I have posted anything on my personal twitter. Nevertheless I am back now.

Get ready for some tech news!!

This is definitely not a very new thing that Mocrosoft try to compete with Apple on each and every ground. And now the latest battlefield is the Smart Watch arena. As per the reports Microsoft will soon reveal the all new Windows Phone 8 powered Snart Watch to rival IOS and Android